Driver's Side: Jeremy

Driver's Side: Jeremy


My dad was a professional athlete, studying in a graduate program and training for the Olympics. He was on the Nigerian team in ‘84 and ‘88. By the time I was three or four years old, my life goal was, “My life goal was to be an Olympian like my dad.” Until I made the Olympic team as a decathlete, that was a lot of pressure! But from a young age, I’ve had him instilling the values and mindset it takes to be disciplined, to put yourself in the best position to compete and contribute as a human. 

In a stadium, I love when everyone is there in the moment. We’re here with these people to give them a show. It’s indescribable, the coolest thing ever. One, you’re pushing your body to its absolute limit. At the same time, the people who are there to see you are in awe of what you can do. As an athlete, you’re so grateful that the crowd appreciates what it takes. 

I’m training right now for the World Indoor Championships. In the next ten weeks, I have to score in the top five in the world to qualify for the U.S. team. Then I’ll be traveling to overseas meets to go for that prize money, while step-by-step getting ready for Tokyo 2020.

Photo: David Keller

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