Driver's Side: Julia

Driver's Side: Julia

Reiki Practitioner

From an early age I’ve been fascinated with the Earth and everything on it. Growing up here, my playground was lush gullies, forests, streams, beaches, rivers, anything and everything outdoors. I recall looking up at the sky and making sure I saw everything that could be seen. I loved to blow bubbles, watch them drift, shimmer in brilliant colors, land and pop. When I’m at the beach, I thank the waves for letting me see their one and only time crashing on the surf.

Along with watching the beautiful dances on this Earth I also touch everything: dirt, bark, rocks, water, flowers, weeds, feathers, animals. I feel my heart flutter with joy and gratitude as I let myself be in the moment. 

When a close friend told me about Reiki, I felt all of my senses come to life. I knew I had to find out what Reiki was. That was in 2008. Today I’m here to share my gifts of healing, counseling, and caring for those who want it. My personal philosophy? If you do what’s right, you can’t go wrong.

Photo: David Keller

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