Driver's Side: Rena

Driver's Side: Rena

Polymath Engineer

I’m a woman of many skills. I have an engineering degree in chemical manufacturing, a Master’s in technology project management, and I’m currently in school studying cloud security. When I get interested in something it’s like I’ve caught the bug. I want to understand everything about it. 

I’ve also been a single parent of four girls. With a house like that, you’re broke, but it’s fun. You have all that noise. I don’t think I would have traded it for the world. Life is a learning experience and a journey. Just keep on living and learning, and don’t take it personal.

I love to dance, so I go out to Capitol Hill on Sundays for Ecstatic Dance. There’s no talking on the floor. You just dance as much as you want. People in their eighties are dancing to beats. There are pregnant people and babies. Afterwards you come together in a circle and describe your experience and where it took you. It’s a really cool community.

Photo: David Keller

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