Driver's Side: Stevie Ray

Driver's Side: Stevie Ray

Funk Songwriter, Performer

As a musician, I’ve been playing for about 45 years, with a lot of the greats: Miles Davis, Prince, Roger Troutman. I’m here to find common ground, keep it real, survive. I’m going to live this life and spread some cheer in everybody’s atmosphere. 

Driving with Uber, I spend so much time on the road. Every person I pick up is a new edition. People getting in the car all have their own little twist on what’s happening. I’m the only person I know who can disarm anyone from talking about politics. I’m all about showing as much love as I can. Anytime you think you have it bad there’s someone who’s got it way worse. I want people to feel loved. And I also remind them they can tip. 

Photo: David Keller

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