Driver's Side: Dori

Driver's Side: Dori

24,000+ Trips and Counting

I started driving with Uber four years ago. Maybe one reason I’ve completed so many trips is that I’m a bit of a workaholic. I’ve learned to schedule other things to remind myself not to drive.

I like rides that are an adventure. It’s great when a long trip takes you way out somewhere you’ve never been before. I visited Monroe and Everett for the first time that way. Once I’m out there, I might wait for another ride request. Or I’ll explore a bit. If I see a restaurant or coffee shop or market, I’ll check it out. 

My favorite views of Puget Sound are at the edge of Burien and Normandy Park. Over there, it’s just the middle of a neighborhood you’re driving through, and then all of a sudden, boom! You’re looking at a vista of water and it’s breathtaking.

Photo: David Keller

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