Driver's Side: Lorraine

Driver's Side: Lorraine

Broadcaster, Counselor

D.C. has become a different city. During the Obama years, people smiled and it seemed like everyone meshed, chilled and had fun. We were all on the same page. The change came with the 2017 inauguration. Suddenly the city had a totally different vibe.

There was a very strange feeling on inauguration day. The city had a strange smell. The week before, everyone was saying they’d leave town for the inauguration. People here didn’t want anything to do with the new administration.

But the next day was the Women’s March, which seemed to wash away all the negative energy. Everybody came back. I drove 12 hours that day. I had so much fun, laughing and sharing the experience with riders. Not just women but men, too. Everyone kept saying, “It’s okay honey, this is not the inauguration, this is for us.”

I had to do a lot of counseling this past year. Young people after the election were despondent. No one knew what to do. I would tell them, “This too shall pass.” I focused on the college kids. My advice is, “you can’t just not vote because you don’t like anyone. It’s up to you now.”

Photo: Magda Zofia

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