Seattle Issue

Illustrations by Leonard Peng

Livi copy.jpg

Livi Gosling, Illustrator

“I adore food. I’m always thinking about my next meal so this feature was both a joy and a challenge to work on. It constantly made me hungry! I’ve since become a little obsessed with Ethiopian coffee pots and am desperate to try Somali injera.” 

Alexander copy.jpg

Alexander Mostov, Illustrator

Alexander Mostov takes pride in making playful, accessible pictures. He’s inspired by plants, architecture, and mid-century modern design. He currently lives in Seattle with his girlfriend, lots of books, and a mischievous little dog named Dziga.

Chala copy.jpg

Chala Gemechu, Translation

Chala Gemechu is a Seattle driver-partner originally from Shashemene, Ethiopia. He moved to the U.S. in 2010, via the DV lottery. Having studied journalism and communication, he sees driving as an opportunity to meet people and discover new cultures.

Dan copy.jpg

Dan Lamont, Photographer

An award-winning photojournalist and filmmaker, Dan Lamont’s work covers the intersection of environmental issues and social policies. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Der Spiegel, Smithsonian, and National Geographic.

Tariqa copy.jpg

Tariqa Waters, Photographer

“I manage a multi-faceted practice as a visual artist, alternative gallerist, curator, and educator. I’ve been in Seattle for the past five years, living in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. In 2013, I opened Martyr Sauce, a ‘renegade’ gallery and platform for generating press and attention for marginalized perspectives. For more info, visit”

Liz copy.jpg

Liz Maher, Illustrator

Liz Maher is a fine artist living in Boulder, Colorado. When she’s not providing counseling and art therapy services to incarcerated men and women at the Boulder County Jail, she can be found climbing, quilting, or throwing together a plein air watercolor painting somewhere in the wilderness.

Tricia Romano, Writer

Tricia Romano has been editor-in-chief of The Stranger, a staff writer at The Seattle Times, and columnist for The Village Voice. She received the Front Page Award from the Newswomen’s Club of New York for her March 2006 cover story about sober DJs and promoters. 

David copy.jpg

David Keller, Photographer

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, David Keller is an adventure and portrait photographer based out of Oakland, California. He has shot for Buzzfeed, NBC New York, Mashable, the Instagram blog,, COOPH, and Streetwear Today. 


Washington, D.C. Issue

Illustrations by Leonard Peng


Michelle Delgado, Writer

Michelle Delgado’s work has been featured in The Atlantic, CityLab, Vox, among others. She also publishes Scavenger, a weekly history newsletter.

Charity Blackwell, Writer and Poet

Charity Blackwell is a spoken word artist, host, emcee, and poetry specialist who has spent several years contributing to the arts scene at DC SCORES. She graduated from Trinity University, where she played soccer.


Alexander Nazaryan, Writer

Alexander Nazaryan is a staff writer for Newsweek. His time in D.C. is split between covering national politics on Capitol Hill and exploring the far corners of the metro area. 


Koye Oyedeji, Writer

Koye Oyedeji is a D.C.-based writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He has contributed pieces to BBC Online, ARISE, and The Believer.


Rose Jaffe, Illustrator

There is always more to a mural than meets the eye. Rose Jaffe has been painting walls for the past four years. She loves interacting with the community during the process and seeing the work become part of public space.


Eli Meir Kaplan, Photographer

Eli Meir Kaplan is a local photographer and director, who once dreamed of being a hip-hop producer. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, American Photography, and Photo District New Photography Annual.


Colleen Shaffer, Contributing Editor

Colleen Shaffer is a D.C. native who works on Uber’s local operations team, writing for 730DC on the side. She’s also an enthusiastic cyclist and frisbee player.


Magda Zofia, Photographer

Magda Zofia has shot portraits of Uber driver-partners across several continents, including an Africa series in Lagos, Nairobi, and Cape Town. She’s an avid dancer and reader.